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VPP App Assignments should have configurable, global settings

For VPP App assignments, please add global preferences to adjust the default behavior for the following:

  • Default to "check the box" for Device Assignable VPP apps
  • Default to "Install Automatically/Prompt User to Install"
  • Default to "Make app managed if currently installed as unmanaged"
  • Default to "Prevent backup of app data"
  • Default to Automatically Force App Updates - IMPLEMENTED

All of these items currently default to a state that is opposite of what many admins use, making us have to edit all these details for each app. This can be an issue when we need to deploy many apps.

It seems it would be "less painful" to forget to uncheck the device-assign box rather than forget to check the box, resulting in users being prompted to sign into the App Store with their Apple ID, and can be difficult to "undo".

Distribution Method - "Install Automatically" is far more common than "Self Service", for VPP apps (in my MSP managed environments). Having a global setting would be ideal.