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SiteAdmin should have Access to Packages and Scripts , Jamf Admin ..

As we are using sites for our different customers and this customers should have admin access on their site and also create Packages and Scripts and jamf Admin and so on we would like to have a feature that allows Site Admins to use Jamf Admin, Recon , Imaging and also have access to Packages, Scripts, Printers and all the other Computer Management Option in Jamf Pro for their site.
Cause now we are using a workaround where we create a different user Packager XXX for each site with custom privileges so that the site admins can access the Admin and so on. But this Packager XXX users can see all Packages on the jamf Pro.
So it would be really great to have the option for each site to define that privileges.

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Posted: by spalmer

I have voted this up because we have a JSS with about 50 sites and something is definitely needed to improve the workflow.

Packages, printers, and scripts need to have the ability to be assigned to specific sites (in our case these are departments and colleges) AND to all sites if needed. This will allow sites that have need to have software they purchased, at the department or college level, to be assigned only to their site and yet still have access to common site licensed (university-wide) software like Microsoft Office or common packages like Firefox and Chrome without needing to duplicate those packages for each site.

We have a slightly different workflow that does allow site admins the ability to use their site admin account for Jamf Admin. You can add a user to multiple LDAP or Standard groups and have one group assigned to Jamf Admin and one assigned to their site. This will allow access to both, but it has some annoying side effects. For example, if you are logged into the web interface with your site admin account and are working on your site, then you log into Jamf Admin with the same account you will be switched to Full JSS mode which will affect your current browser session in that things will no longer load even though it shows you are still in your Site. You need to switch away from your site and back to reset it.

I also think with recent versions of Jamf we are seeing some bugginess with this workflow where a policies are accidentally getting created at the Full JSS level even though site admins don't have permissions for this. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen very often and isn't reproducible so I haven't reported it to Jamf Support. Because of this we are considering switching to the workflow @simonheider mentions where each site admin has a second account to use with Jamf Admin.


Posted: by isaacnelson

It is so frustrating that Jamf hasn't done anything to address this need. I've directly asked people at Jamf for it multiple times, and I think there are several feature requests on Jamf Nation asking for similar things over the years. Clearly it's something that customers want and could really use, but there's been very limited communication from Jamf on whether or not they intend to listen.


Posted: by wmehilos

I don't foresee Jamf doing anything about this, so I'm going to build a web app that uses the API to allow them to view and add scripts, packages, printers, and all the other "Full Jamf Pro" objects I have no interest in babysitting for them (no edit or delete, I don't trust them).


Posted: by isaacnelson

Ooooh that sounds awesome, @wmehilos. Would you mind sharing it on GitHub or somewhere when it's ready?


Posted: by simonheider

@wmehilos I'm interested in the App too, as the Site admins always complain about what's not availale for them in jamf Pro :(


Posted: by therealmacjeezy

We have the same issue where I work, and I ended up creating a web page that allows admins to upload items without giving away the keys to the kingdom.

I have the first version of the code on my github.

I recently redid the page using vue.js and php to include a built in code editor and upload chunking. I’ll post that version hopefully after Nolacon.

I’ll also be talking more about this at PSU MacAdmins this year if anyone is going!


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