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Export button to be available in Scope for apps.

I had an app that JAMF felt was not in the app store any longer, it was a jAMF error. Therefore JAMF took away the app from all iPads and made the app an item that couldn't be edited or even do a highlight, copy and paste routine.
If the Scope had an export button (even if the record has been disabled the export button would still need to work) it would be extremely helpful.
In my case I had to screen shot the serial numbers until I got them all, then when I put the app back in I had to hand type each serial number again.
Remember, if the store stops supplying an app and JAMF disables it, chances are good we will find a replacement app and push it to the same scope.


Posted: by christina_luis

I had this same issue. I contacted Jamf and they did some digging and was able to fix the issue. I did not have to re-scope anything when the apps were restored.