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When device certificates signed “Apple iPhone Device CA” are evaluated their validity dates should be ignored.

For some time we've been dealing with this particular issue:

By chance someone was also dealing with the problem but a lot more persistent n finding out the cause. Here is the blog post on that:

My feature request to Jamf is a simple one, please follow Apple's recommendation when evaluating the device certificate for DEP enrollment:

WARNING: When device certificates signed “Apple iPhone Device CA” are evaluated their validity dates should be ignored.


Other MDM vendors do not suffer from this. It's quite frustrating when I hear from other Mac admins who are able to do DEP enrollment through the command line without a problem with their commercial tools but I can't because Jamf isn't following Apple's guidance on the matter.

The workflow this would allow is to deal with 1) devices that that are added to DEP post-purchase before an organization takes advantage of DEP or 2) devices that need to get re-enrolled through DEP without a wipe/reinstall of the OS.

I'm hoping that Jamf can make this change. Because I'm not sure whether Jamf considers this a bug or a potential feature request I'm submitting it here but also going to re-open my ticket on this matter.

Posted: by mike.paul

As of Jamf Pro 10.15 we no longer check for the validity date of the “Apple iPhone Device CA” certificates.

Order by:

Posted: by bartreardon

I have a support case open for this issue as well - I think it's a FR since logically the right thing to do is verify the correctness in the signing certificate. This is a bug/issue with Apple (who I've also filed a radar with) but given the fact this affects apns, and potentially all icloud sync services as well I can't see them doing anything about it if the behaviour is ingrained. I don't see any option other than jamf code to cater to Apple's (right or wrong) guidance on how to handle it.

Too bad this didn't come up the other week when I was at the Jamf roadshow in Sydney @michael.devins - would have made a good talking point to bring up at the breakfast (came to a head about a month too late :/ )


Posted: by grahamrpugh

This is pretty serious. I've had a ticket open about this for months with no resolution, supposedly Jamf and Apple were talking with each other as I cross-referenced the support tickets. But I didn't get any information that it could be related to an expired certificate. As it stands, the implication is that any Mac with an OS that has been running for over a year may not be able to enroll to MDM. Now, I know that isn't the case with User-Initiated Enrollment, but I believe it may be the case with attempts at DEP enrollment using sudo profiles -N or sudo profiles renew -type enrollment.

I raised this issue with AppleCare Enterprise Support, and they specifically said that the MDM vendor should ignore the cert expiry:

[this] is known, and this is when the cert is expired instead (for machine over 1 year trying to enroll). This will prevent the machine to enrol to MDM and is not specific to DEP enrolment. According to MDM OTA profile delivery document, ( the expiry should be ignored. "WARNING: When device certificates signed “Apple iPhone Device CA” are evaluated their validity dates should be ignored.”

I'm waiting for Jamf to give me a PI on this bug.


Posted: by bpavlov

@grahamrpugh here is the product issue I got: PI-006932


Posted: by lyonheart14

With Supervision in Catalina, this issue just became a lot more important for us.


Posted: by patgmac

I agree, this should be fixed by Jamf. But I was able to work around it when we migrated from on-prem to Cloud. Here is how I handled this (this is from a larger script, so forgive me if I included a variable or two that aren't specified):

if [[ -e /Library/Keychains/apsd.keychain ]]; then
    ExpDate=$(/usr/bin/security find-certificate -a -p -Z /Library/Keychains/apsd.keychain | /usr/bin/openssl x509 -noout -enddate| cut -f2 -d=)
    EpochOne=$(date -j -f '%b %d %T %Y %Z' "$ExpDate" '+%s')
    EpochTwo=$(date +%s)
    MathOne=$(($EpochOne - $EpochTwo))
    MathTwo=$(($MathOne / 86400))
    #days=$(echo ${MathTwo//-})
    /usr/bin/logger -s "Enrollment Cert expires on $ExpDate which is $MathTwo days away"
    if [[ $MathTwo == *"-"* ]]; then
      DEPcert=$(/usr/bin/security find-certificate -a -Z /Library/Keychains/apsd.keychain | grep SHA-1 | awk '{print $3}')
      /usr/bin/logger -s "Cert is $MathTwo days old, deleting cert" 
      /usr/bin/security delete-certificate -Z "$DEPcert" /Library/Keychains/apsd.keychain
      /usr/bin/logger -s "Cert is less than a year old"

Posted: by cpresnall

This change to 10.15 is a huge win for those of us with devices enrolled for multiple years who are now moving to DEP.