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Self Service Policy - Dark Mode vs Light Mode Icons

When developing a macOS application, the best practices state to have a images for both Dark Mode and Light Mode. However, if there is specific coloring or styling you need, that can't be achieved with a single icon; that you should create two different icons to ensure proper visibility.
In Self Service as of right now, does not offer that feature. Since Self Service is offered in Dark Mode now, we should have icon options for both Dark Mode and Light Mode to ensure proper user experience and accessibility options.

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Posted: by landon_Starr

FWIW, Jamf does offer you the option to add custom icons if you so choose.


Posted: by mm2270

Yes, but you can only add one icon to a Self Service policy right now. There is no option for upload of normal and dark mode icons, which I think is what this request is after. If so, I vote it up. I like Dark Mode now and when an application doesn't properly support it, it really becomes quite obvious. I would love to see Jamf fully embrace the UI changes in macOS like this.