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Dynamically Assign VPP Licenses in Self Service

Currently, Self Service will consume VPP licenses as soon as the app is scoped to a computer, even if the app will never be installed there. This makes it impossible to manage a dynamic/restricted license pool on a self-service basis.

Ideally, VPP with Self Service would work like this:

  • All scoped computers will see the app in Self Service
  • When an App is requested for installation, Jamf checks the license inventory and assigns the license to the computer. If the license pool is exhausted, an error is presented.
  • The app is installed and uses the freshly applied license

The benefit is that users can themselves "check-out" a license in Self Service. An organisation with e.g. 1000 Macs can buy 50 licenses for an app which will rarely be used without needing to know who will use it effectively.

Once the licenses are used, it's still possible to purchase more if the user base is changing.