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Sign In Management for iOS/iPadOS Devices

Similar to ClassLink. Can JAMF design a system where JAMF Administrators could manage usernames/passwords for individual apps?

Beginning of the school year, and teachers are attempting to 'herd' GrK - Gr5 students and get them signed into all their apps. Just attempting to do this with 1 app in Grade K is difficult enough. Teachers are attempting to sign them into Google Docs, BrainPop, BrainPop Jr, i-Ready, Schoology, etc and it is a major headache.

If we (JAMF Administrators) could do that for them from JAMF Pro, that would be so extremely helpful.

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Posted: by j_carroll

Look into Clever.


Posted: by bvondeylen

We have also used Clever. We don't really want any other 3rd party app. We would like it so when a student opens an app that requires authentication, it just happens.


Posted: by ZGBanks

Just inquiring because that would be great for our school district, but wouldn't SSO cover that or no since you're only signing into the iPad and not necessarily the apps?