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Quick Look & Quick Actions for Smart Groups - Info, Edit, Report

About 5 years ago, someone noticed a change / loss of functionality from Casper 8 to 9: Return Edit and List links to Inventory and Group List pages

Although I had heard of Jamf in 2014, I wasn't a full-fledged & certified admin until late 2015. Now that I've been doing this for 4 years, I find myself wanting quick access to list data and this old feature request seems like a really good idea. I have over 1,000 smart groups in my environment—there are probably others with more and with greater complexity—and auditing them is certainly a chore.

It would be great to have an info button with criteria, an edit button, and a report button to download the report as-is.

  • The info button should quickly load the criteria as an overlay but stay on the smart group page.
  • The edit button should take you to the "id=1234&o=u" variation of an object.
  • The report button should download the list of computers as it is configured right now, nothing more.

I've attached a screenshot of what I think the links and a sample criteria overlay should look like, complete with scroll bar for longer criteriæ.


Posted: by isaacnelson

That would be really streamline my workflows. Upvoted 👍🏻