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API Request for Adding and deleting computers in Static Groups

We would like the ability to post a computer to a specific static group in JSS and then also have the ability to remove a computer from any static group via an authorized API request.

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Posted: by m.donovan

You use PUT to modify an existing static group. I do it all the time for several static groups. I suppose you could POST to create a new static group and the PUT to modify it. I think the functionality your are looking for is already there. Unless I am missing something.


Posted: by NicholasKing

Odd, I talked to JAMF Support today and they said it wasn't possible with the existing API. Maybe ill take a look and see if the agent was mistaken. Thanks!


Posted: by sdagley

@NicholasKing The API calls you're looking for are computer_additions and computer_deletions


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