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Dashboard: Display OS Installed

I would like to see one Pie (or Circle) chart, that would display the currently installed base of OS in the fleet.
So a chart with the currently installed iPadOS for our iPad.
A chart with the currently installed macOS for our Macs.

I would mind seeing further, when clicking on the chart, the installed iPadOS version on our iPad 5th Generation, our installed iPadOS on our iPad 5th Generation, etc as well

Same with computers.
Clicking on the chart would further view the installed macOS on our MacBook Airs, on our iMacs, etc

That would make the Dashboard useful.


Posted: by sdagley

@bvondeylen For Macs there is a macOS item in Patch Management that will give you a Dashboard visible report on version of macOS in your fleet. It doesn't break it down by computer model, or build, just macOS version.


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