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JAMF Nation iOS app

Create a JAMF Nation iPad/iPhone app to make browsing from a mobile device a breeze!

The only thing better then a mobile site is a dedicated app ;-)

Posted: by Emily.Brown

Check out Jamf One in an App Store near you!

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Posted: by Chris_Hafner

Take a look at the redesign for Casper 9.0 that will take care of us all!


Posted: by jake

Hi Greg \-

Is there functionality we are missing from JAMF Nation that would require an iOS app? We have implemented responsive design throughout which should allow JAMF Nation to render properly on any mobile device. Please let us know!



Posted: by gknacks

A dedicated app could load faster, having images stored locally. Also get push notifications/badges when threads/posts you're following are updated.


Posted: by martin

Please change this FR into Implemented. Jamf One is available but apparently only in the US. Please make it also available in Europe aka the Rest-of-the-World. Thanks!


Posted: by bpavlov

@Emily.Brown Here's an easy FR to mark as implemented. :D