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Mass implementation of Lost Mode on iPads

Posted: by KenWong

We would like to add the capability to enable lost mode on multiple iPads by adding it as one of the actions available under Remote commands.

During the summer most of the student iPads are unused and are idle. We have had instances where some of those iPads have been stolen or have been appropriated by a staff member without anyone's knowledge. If we had lost mode turned on those iPads, we could easily track them down. Currently the only way to turn lost mode on is to individually go to each iPad in the JSS. If we could turn on lost mode for all the iPads in a smart group, this would simplify things immensely.

Posted: by beth.lindner

Thanks for the great explanation on the use case! I am linking this to another Feature Request that also asks for Lost Mode to be available at more than just the single device level. This connection will combine the votes and keep the comments in one spot.