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Patch Management - Ability to specify the latest version for your organization

Posted: by cgolebio Last Response: by brandon.gil

For example, if you are always 1 or 2 versions behind the latest because you are letting the latest version burn in, have the ability to mark what is the minimum acceptable company standard version is AND/OR specifically what the company standard version is and color it differently in the charts.

Patching expanded to handle 3 items and configuration

Posted: by robmorton Last Response: by brandon.gil

I know I personally would be fine with a try-color chart. Latest version <Color of my choosing>, Approved Version <Color of my choosing>, Other versions <Color of my choosing>.

This is lightly related to in that there needs to be an approved version. The problem is that no mater what colors you do will be incorrect for some organizations. For example, the approved version should be green for me, newer Yellow since they are untested and other is Red. There are others that would disagree with me.