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Retry button for failed configuration profiles

Under Review
Posted: by davidacland Last Response: by bvondeylen

As these fail to deploy quite often, a button to retry would be great.

The current process to retry applying a config profile is a bit drastic.

Policy Execution 'Once Per Computer, If Successful'

Under Review
Posted: by brent.buckner Last Response: by signetmac

Set policy to run once per computer when the script exit code is equivalent to a success.

For instance, if a large package fails to download successfully, and triggers the policy to fail, it should not count as the "once per computer" execution.

Initiate Casper Remote session from the record in web interface

Under Review
Posted: by rlincoln Last Response: by llitz123

Not sure if this already a feature request but it would be handy and convenient to just click and have a remote session with that machine. Sorry if this is a dup!


Implement a Bug reporting and tracking system on JAMF Nation

Under Review
Posted: by spalmer Last Response: by benducklow

I would like to see JAMF implement a system similar to Apple's where I can log in and see the bugs I reported and their Defect Number. It would need to improve on Apple's system in some areas, but some of the key points are:

1) Access could be limited to the primary contact for an account, but I would like to see something more like Open Radar,, where others can see some basic info that would allow them to vote up and comment on a bug if they are experiencing the same issue. This would also help JAMF prioritize bugs.
2) This would allow tracking the progress of the bug so people don't need to keep bothering JAMF support or their account reps for the status of bugs.
3) This would allow JAMF to create a bug reporting form that ensures specific pieces of information needed for a proper bug report. For example Casper version, rank from critical to non-critical, exact application affected (ex. jamf binary, jss, Recon, etc.), steps to reproduce, etc.
4) This would give internal JAMF programmers and the person that originally reported the bug a more standard and consistent way of communicating regarding a specific bug.

Self Service Branding

Implemented in 10.0.0
Posted: by ranschaj Last Response: by bradtchapman

It would be nice to be able to brand Self Service to match a corporate design language. It should include items like the icon, splash page, and in site titles. Doing this would let users have a more comfortable experience than going to a site without the company branding.

Posted: by drew.manor

As of Jamf Pro 10, the new Self Service for macOS will allow admins to customize their organization's Self Service from within Jamf Pro. Admin's will be able to determine the Self Service Icon, Self Service Name and Branding Header. If you decide to brand the icon and name, the changes will be reflected in the following areas as well: main page of Self Service, required/optional login pages, dock and Finder icons.

At this time, we believe we have solved this Feature Request. If there is a need to enhance this feature, please help us understand the current priority of that need by submitting a new feature request.

Please follow the link to find more about the Jamf Pro 10 beta and sign up to participate.
Jamf Pro 10 Beta

Prepopulated Blacklist for Restricted Software

Under Review
Posted: by lisacherie Last Response: by lisacherie

A pre-populated blacklist that can be enabled in the Restricted Software settings including applications like:
known spyware
keystroke loggers
torrenting applications

Posted: by beth.lindner

The problem posted in this Feature Request seems to be that we want to stop end users from running software on their macOS devices that will breach security compliance standards and potentially expose data. A few solution ideas were discussed here, one of which is to crowd source the list of software that should be restricted using the Jamf Nation community.

Right now we are investigating how Restricted Software enhancements may correlate to our current Jamf Pro initiatives. We don't have any enhancements planned for upcoming releases, but we are keeping this as Under Review because we are continuing to ideate on how we can help solve this problem. If we discover this does not map with any of our roadmap initiatives for Jamf Pro, we'll reevaluate the status at that time.

Please keep the solution ideas and use cases coming our way. We very much appreciate feedback on how Jamf Pro can get even better!!

Add "Installed Apps" view in Self Service

Implemented in 10.0.0
Posted: by evarona Last Response: by grahamrpugh

This should work like the Purchases tab in AppStore and (maybe) should be able to detect installed apps even if not installed by Self Service. Apps that have been installed by JSS policy should change the Install button (and color for "managers") to a 2 separate "Reinstall" and "Uninstall" buttons.

external image link

Posted: by drew.manor

As of Jamf Pro 10, items that stay in Self Service after being executed will get a secondary action button to help users identify they have already installed and what they can do next.

At this time, we believe we have solved this Feature Request. If there is a need to enhance this feature, please help us understand the current priority of that need by submitting a new feature request.

Please follow the link to find more about the Jamf Pro 10 beta and sign up to participate.
Jamf Pro 10 Beta

Manage Self Service/Policy Icons

Under Review
Posted: by Sonic84 Last Response: by spalmer

Feature wishlist:
Provide a in-JSS web GUI to manage custom icons uploaded to the JSS for policies used in self service. Should list all icons uploaded to the JSS and which policies are using them. Should list some specifications for each icon: dimensions, file size, dpi, etc...
Provide options to replace icon source or delete icon. Replacing an icon resource should update related policies without needing to go into each affected policy and choose a new icon manually.

Patch Management Integration

Partially Implemented in 9.93
Posted: by CasperSally Last Response: by joe.bloom

Patch management (especially for 3rd party products) seems like the one big area that Casper is lacking. With our PC management suite, we can patch Apple/Adobe/OS and dozens of other software titles (if not hundreds).

For our PCs, we just select the apps we want to patch, stage those patches to test computers, and once the patch is tested, deploy to production.

It would be nice if Casper implemented some way for their customers to do something similar beyond having customers packaging and managing individual patches.

Posted: by erin.miska

As of the Casper Suite 9.93, we have added some initial patch functionality for 34 supported third-party titles. For each of these titles, you can get automated compliance reports, notifications for available updates, and easier patch scoping. (See Look for additional supported titles and expanded patch functionality in future releases.

Display policies assigned to packages, scripts and groups

Under Review
Posted: by ryanstaylornet Last Response: by mconners

In the Web version of Casper Admin, I'd like to select a package or script and have it display all the policies the package/script is assigned to. This is helpful if I need to delete or modify a package, to know what policies are affected.

Also, it would be nice to select smart or static groups and display all the policies associated with the groups.