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Mac Tech Sysadmin

Company: Bauer Media Group
Department: IT Dept
Location: Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Job Description

This role will encompass 50% desktop support and 50% system admin duties.


• Respond to technical requests via Zendesk, email, phone and in person
• Deploy new machines, create new accounts, provides access to servers, vpn, etc
• Troubleshoot Mac software and hardware issues as well as printers • Perform basic Apple hardware repairs and maintenance • Casper JAMF administration
o Creatinganddeployingpolicies
o Maintaining/creatingsystemconfigurations
• Monitor servers (primarily mac based but growing number of Windows and
• Maintain various backup systems with following tools - Crashplan Pro, Time
Machine Server, Carbon Copy Cloner


  • 5+ years of OS X experience
  • Strong background supporting and troubleshooting Mac software and hardware
  • Experience with Casper Suite
  • Terminal/Unix experience
  • Setting up user accounts on email servers, directory services, etc
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe CS/CC - specifically Photoshop and InDesign
  • Basic networking knowledge
  • Familiarity with OS X Server

    Experience troubleshooting the following:

  • Native and 3rd party Mac applications
  • Basic network issues
  • Fonts
  • Printers
  • Apple Mail App
  • Permissions Issues

Experience with the following:
- Google Business Apps
- Microsoft 365
- Shell Scripting
- Windows Server
- Virtualization
- Network Security

Company Description

Bauer Media Group, a leading national magazine publishing group in northern NJ, is seeking a talented, motivated Macintosh tech to join our team, which supports 300+ mac users.

Bauer Media Group publishes titles that connect with a nationwide audience of readers across several diverse editorial segments: celebrity/entertainment (In Touch, Life&Style, Closer), women’s (Woman’s World, Celebrate, First for Women, Soaps in Depth, Simple Grace), tweens and teens (J-14, Girls’ World, QuizFest, Animal Tales) and science and technology (iD – Ideas & Discoveries). Our offices are located in Englewood Cliffs, NJ (just over the George Washington Bridge) and are easily accessible via public transportation.

Additional Information

Person needs to be self-motivated, very well organized, detail oriented, able to work with end users of all technical levels and must be a team player.

Hours: Mon - Fri 9:30am - 6pm with occasional off-hours
Salary: Competitive, based on experience
Great benefits including:
• Medical / Dental / Vision benefits
• 15 days vacation 9 paid holidays 2 personal days + sick time
• 401K with employer matching options

How to Apply

Please email resume and cover letter to

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