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Company: Deeplocal
Department: Business Operations
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Description

Primary technical support and manager of IT assets.


Office Equipment and infrastructure - Responsible for the maintenance and scaling of office equipment and Deeplocal’s IT infrastructure.
Coordinate repair and maintenance with vendors when required. Oversee external consultants.
Configure and troubleshoot workstations of broadly varying OS and manufacturer.
Maintain and build-out network infrastructure, primarily Cisco equipment.
Administer and configure GSuite, to include device policy, user rights, mail flow, and mobile device management.
Maintain VOIP solution, from hardware to cloud SIP service.
Cataloging, tracking, and purchasing of IT assets to include cloud services, software, and hardware.
Research and recommend solutions for applications and devices.

Security - Responsible for the creation and enforcement of security policies, hardening of infrastructure, and incident response.
Administrate identity management solutions.
Conduct routine vulnerability assessments on the company network, addressing vulnerabilities across devices.
Coordinate annual penetration testing.
Monitor security advisories, patching servers, workstations, and network devices as needed.
Configure firewall and IPS to minimize public exposure of company networks.

Production and Development Support - Setup custom hardware and development environments on a per-project basis.
Deploy and configure operating systems.
Building custom servers, selecting parts and assembling.
Network engineering and troubleshooting.


Technologies - Responsible for proficiency with the following information technologies.
Operating systems:  Linux, Cisco iOS, MacOS X (>10.11), Windows 8 and 10, Chrome OS, KVM-QEMU (hypervisor)
Solutions:  FreeIPA (OpenLDAP, Directory365, Kerberos, CA, Bind DNS, NTP), Simian, Munki, GSuite, OpenVAS, Apache
Cloud platforms:  GCP, AWS, Twilio

Company Description

Deeplocal is an internationally-recognized and awarded, creative studio based in Pittsburgh, PA that design and builds experiences for some of the world’s leading brands including Google, Spotify and Netflix.

Deeplocal’s team of 50+ includes experts in marketing, engineering, design, and fabrication who collaborate  to develop never-seen-before physical experiences for brand clients.

Deeplocal’s combined open office and fabrication studio includes more than 25,000 square feet of space in a renovated historic brewery on the rivers of Pittsburgh.

From creating a mind-controlled bike that allowed riders to shift with their thoughts, to building a robotic pitching machine that allowed a child to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game from thousands of miles away, to a single button that dims the lights, orders food, silencers your phone and puts on your favorite show, to a machine that graffitied tweets on the roads of the Tour de France, our projects are wide-ranging and unique.

Deeplocal has been behind some of advertising’s most talked about campaigns: the Netflix Socks, Zagat’s Tiny Cafe, Google Fiber Nick’s First Pitch, and the Nike Chalkbot.

Deeplocal has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Western Pennsylvania for the past four years and has received numerous awards in advertising and design. Deeplocal’s work has been featured on Fast Company, Wired, NYTimes, USA Today, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Gizmodo, Engadget, Forbes, and many more. 

Additional Information

Deeplocal’s Mission

Invent products and experiences for innovative brands.

Deeplocal’s Purpose

To be a place where amazing talent can invent, create and inspire.

Core Values:

Deeplocal is committed to maintaining the company's core values and culture as the company grows. Employees should exhibit the following Deeplocal core values:

Benefits Include:

Healthcare Coverage
Gym Subsidy
Retirement Plan with employer matching
Paid vacation

How to Apply

Please, click here to apply.

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