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Company: Terminus Software
Department: Engineering
Location: Atlanta, Georgia


IT Specialist

Job Description

Yo! I’m looking to backfill my position at Terminus Software in Atlanta, Georgia.

The position is for a more senior IT Specialist. You’d be the only IT Staff for 155 people and responsible for tools like Okta, Jamf, G Suite and Zoom. This is a solid position for any IT Specialists looking to gain experience in designing and implementing their own IT tools and getting managerial responsibilities. This is also a great gig for any experienced sys admins looking for a lead role.

Hit me up if you’re interested and I’d be glad to hop on a call to explain the role and company culture more.

Official Position will be posted in the coming days.


Primary responsibIlity will be the planning, implementation, and support of Terminus’ enterprise systems; developing automation, efficiency, and maintainability in all of them in order to meet business objectives and delight Terminus employees.

As an IT Specialist, you will be expected to follow engineering best practices such as deploying stable systems, maintaining documentation, and outlining support guidelines.

Process improvement and review – from system provisioning, to enforcing device
policies and configuration profiles, every part of our IT systems and processes are in scope for improvement.

Coordinate onboarding and offboarding for employees and contractors, and work with the People Team to improve these processes.

Continuously improve the IT helpdesk and reduce the time to resolution of requests.

Purchase, track, and maintain equipment assets and assignments.

Provide technical support related to computer systems, hardware and software

Manage AV technology in our meeting rooms

Company Description

Terminus is a fast-growing technology company headquartered in Atlanta, challenging the status quo of B2B marketing. We've built an industry-leading Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform that enables our customers to be more targeted in reaching their ideal customers, driving powerful business outcomes including an increase in revenue and acceleration of pipeline velocity.
We strive to provide the best customer experience and fanatically obsess over making each of our customers heroes. We have a relentless commitment to the personal and professional growth of our team and believe in each individual having the “Keys to the Ferrari.”

How to Apply

email your resume to

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