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Upload Extension Attribute

Extension attributes are custom fields that allow you to collect almost any piece of attribute data from a computer.

Find out more about extension attributes on the extension attributes page.

Secure Token Users

As of macOS High Sierra, users on an APFS volume are required to have a SecureToken in order to enable and disable FileVault encryption or unlock an encrypted disk. This EA is designed to reliably identify and report all users on macOS 10.13 and above that have a SecureToken. This is done using the diskutil binary rather than with the sysadminctl binary, as this has been known to report falsely in certain situations. The device must be running at least macOS 10.13.0 and the boot volume being APFS. If these criteria are not satisfied the EA will finish and report that the device was ineligible. (2.54 KB)


Users with Secure Token

In macOS 10.13 on APFS volumes that are encrypted with FileVault, there is a new requirement that is needed in order to add a user to the list of authenticated profiles able to unlock the disk. Those users must have a Secure Token. Secure Tokens are generally issued to the first account created on the system, via the Setup Assistant. However, there are other ways to issue a Secure Token to additional user profiles. This Extension Attribute helps you track who has a Secure Token by checking all users on the local system and then generating a comma separated list with their names. (536 B)


Upload Package Manifest

Package manifests allow Composer to build packages from software that is already installed without taking snapshots.

Find out more about package manifests on the package manifests page.

There are no package manifests for Apple Filevault

Upload Licensed Software Template

Licensed software records in Jamf Pro let you store information about the software licensed to your organization.

Find out more about licensed software templates on the licensed software templates page.

There are no licensed software templates for Apple Filevault

Upload Script

Scripts can be executed on managed computers using a Policy or Jamf Remote. Most scripts also work with other management tools.

Find out more about scripts on the scripts page.

There are no scripts for Apple Filevault

Upload Managed Preference Manifest

Managed Preference (MCX) manifests allow you to enforce settings on managed computers with Jamf Pro. These files also work with Workgroup Manager.

Find out more about managed preference manifests on the managed preference manifests page.

There are no managed preference manifests for Apple Filevault