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  • Developer: Jamf
  • Current Version: 10.15.0 - (Sept. 10th 2019) // 10.14.1 - (Aug. 15th 2019) // 10.14.0 - (July 30th 2019)
  • Record Last Updated: by H3144-IT
Upload Extension Attribute

Extension attributes are custom fields that allow you to collect almost any piece of attribute data from a computer.

Find out more about extension attributes on the extension attributes page.

JSS Certificate Validation

This attribute verifies that the client can verify the certificate installed on the JSS. This attribute should be used prior to checking the preference "This JSS has a valid certificate installed" in the "JSS/URL Certificate" section of the Management Framework Settings.

JSS Certificate Validation.xml (1.12 KB)


MDM Profile Verification State

This attribute verifies the Verification State of the MDM Profile installed on a client from the JSS. Results returned are "Verified", "Not Verified" or "Undecided" If an MDM Profile supplied by the JSS is not installed on the client, or if this script cannot find a Verification State attribute, this attribute will return a result of "Undecided".

MDM_Profile_Verification_State.xml (3.44 KB)


Number of Cached Packages

Counts the number of files in /Library/Application Support/JAMF/Waiting Room, excluding XML files.

Number_of_Cached_Packages.xml (726 B)


Verify Certificate Based Communication

This attribute verifies that the client has certificate based communication enabled for communications with the JSS. Results returned are "Enabled" or "Not Enabled" based on whether the client has certificate based profile supplied by the JSS.

Verify Certificate Based Communication.xml (783 B)


Verify MDM Enrollment

This attribute verifies that the client has enrolled to the JSS. Results returned are "Enabled" or "Not Enabled" based on whether the client has an MDM profile supplied by the JSS.

Verify MDM Enrollment.xml (777 B)


Upload Package Manifest

Package manifests allow Composer to build packages from software that is already installed without taking snapshots.

Find out more about package manifests on the package manifests page.

There are no package manifests for Jamf Pro

Upload Licensed Software Template

Licensed software records in Jamf Pro let you store information about the software licensed to your organization.

Find out more about licensed software templates on the licensed software templates page.

There are no licensed software templates for Jamf Pro

Upload Script

Scripts can be executed on managed computers using a Policy or Jamf Remote. Most scripts also work with other management tools.

Find out more about scripts on the scripts page.

Re-partition Disk Before Imaging

I wrote this script to automate the process of re-partitioning the primary partition so that when Casper Imaging performs a block-copy of my images (which include "Macintosh HD" and "Recovery HD") I do not end up with multiple "Recovery HD" partitions. By default, Casper Imaging only targets the partition that contains the Macintosh OS, so without re-partitioning it is possible to end up with more partitions than required. The script works for both "primary partitions" and "logical partitions" including Fusion drives. The idea is to wipeout all local partitions and attempt to recreate what was there before. That way, Casper Imaging doesn't complain because the expected partition with "Macintosh HD" has not changed. I then follow-up the imaging process by running a script to convert any "primary partitions" to CoreStorage. (3.51 KB)

Download -- Display a message to the end user

This script will display a message to the end user with a specified message. The message can be backgrounded so that a message is displayed and a process such as a policy is delayed until a user clicks the "OK" button. By default, the process will not be backgrounded and subsequent scripts or commands that run after this script will be delayed until a user clicks "OK". (5.60 KB)


jssID List to Static Group using the API Script

# Variables used by this script JSS_ID_PATH="" # Text file with one JSS ID per Line JSS_API_INFO_DIR="/tmp/jss_api_tmp" # Directory where working files for each JSS ID will be stored JSS_XML_INPUT="/tmp/JSS_XML_INPUT.xml" # XML Output to be uploaed to the JSS Computer Groups API STATIC_GROUP_ID="" # Static Group ID: This can be found in the URL when you click edit on a Static Group STATIC_GROUP_NAME="" # This is the name of the Static Group you want to overwrite # Variables used by Casper USERNAME="" #Username of user with API Computer read GET and Computer Group PUT access PASSWORD="" #Password of user with API Computer read GET and Computer Group PUT access JSS_URL='' # JSS URL of the server you want to run API calls against (4.02 KB)


Upload Managed Preference Manifest

Managed Preference (MCX) manifests allow you to enforce settings on managed computers with Jamf Pro. These files also work with Workgroup Manager.

Find out more about managed preference manifests on the managed preference manifests page.

There are no managed preference manifests for Jamf Pro