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Posted: by therealmacjeezy
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Uses the msupdate binary on the computer to download the version that is entered for each application inside the Script Parameter

###### Script Parameters Info #######
  • 4: Word Version (16.19.xxxxxxxx)
  • 5: Excel Version (16.19.xxxxxxxx)
  • 6: PowerPoint Version (16.19.xxxxxxxx)
  • 7: Outlook Version (16.19.xxxxxxxx)
  • 8: OneNote Version (16.19.xxxxxxxx)


If no version is entered in the Script Parameter, it will give feedback in the policy log that it was missing a version for that application and then continue on. At the end of the script, it will automatically check for and install any updates for "Skype for Business", "Microsoft AutoUpdater" and "Remote Desktop" as they are the same version for both Office 2016 and Office 2019. If the application is not installed on the computer, or an update is not needed, it will provide that feedback in the policy log and move on to the next line.


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