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Posted: by jake
Product: ClamXav
Downloads: 572


sudo <mountPoint> <computerName> <currentUsername> <scanPath> <quarantine>

If there is a hardcoded value specified for the <scanPath> parameter or if there is a value
passed to <scanPath> by the Casper Suite, only the specified path will be scanned. By
default, the entire contents of the boot volume will be scanned.

If there is a hardcoded value specified for the <quarantine> parameter, or if there is a
value passed to <quarantine> from the Casper Suite, files will also be quarantined if they
are found to be infected. The files will be quarantined only if passed one of the
following values:



This script will force sophos to perform a virus scan on the hard drive and will quarantine any infected files if desired. The default behavior of the script is to simply perform a scan of the drive and report back any infected files in the output of the script. Additionally, files can be quarantined if found to be infected with a virus. Please note that this script was created using the latest version of ClamXav available at the time of the script creation (1.1.1). Compatibility with versions of ClamXav created prior to and post 1.1.1 is unknown at this time.


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