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Posted: by jake
Product: Mac OS X
Downloads: 1922


sudo <mountPoint> <computerName> <currentUsername> <serverAddress>


This script will bind a Mac OS X Server or Client machine to any LDAP server. This script is part of a larger process that is required to bind machines to an LDAP server and is intended to be used for situations in which the built-in binding types (AD, OD, Centrify, Likewise, ADmitMac) are not acceptable. This script is designed to be used when attribute mappings need to be customized through the Directory Utility to add an LDAP server to Directory Services for authentication and contact lookups. The overall process consists of: -Manually configuring a machine to read from the LDAP server using the Directory Utility -Creating a package of the file: /Library/Preferences/DirectoryService/DSLDAPv3PlugInConfig.plist -Modifying this script to contain the server address -Deploying the package, and running the script on a targeted client machine


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