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Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a dynamic and knowledgeable community of Apple-focused IT admins and Jamf Pro users. Join us in person, in October, for the annual Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) to discover new and better ways to manage Apple devices. -- Adds a computer to an Open Directory Computer Group


sudo <mountPoint> <computerName> <currentUsername> <domain>

<dirAdminUsername> <dirAdminPassword> <groups>


This script will add a Computer that exists in an Open Directory server to an Open Directory computer group or computer list. The script assumes that the computer group has previously been bound using a "Secure Bind" to the OD server. Multiple groups can be specified for the "groups" array found below in the variable section. Example values for the groups hard-coding the groups array are: groups=( 'group1' ) groups=( 'group1' 'group2' ) Example values for passing the groups parameter by Casper Remote or a Policy: group1 group2



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