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Posted: by jake
Product: Mac OS X
Downloads: 952


sudo <mountPoint> <computerName> <currentUsername> <vpnFilePath> <vpnInterfaceName>


This script will import a .networkConnect file that has been packaged and deployed to a system. Prior to running this script, the VPN should be configured on a machine, and a configuration should be created. Once a VPN has been configured, navigate to the Network pane within the System Preferences application and highlight the VPN service you wish to export. Then click the settings button near the "+" and "-" icon and select "Export Configurations". Save the file to a location like the Desktop. Finally, create a package of this file using Composer. When deploying the package, ensure that this script has been edited so that the "vpnFilePath" parameter properly points to the location of the .networkConnect file as it was packaged. Deploy the package, and run the script with a priority of "After" to import the VPN settings for the user. Please note that a user does need to be logged in while this script is run. We recommend running it via a policy triggered by "login" or "Self Service." The VPN network interface name will remain generic unless the "vpnInterfaceName" variable is specified. Please note that the .networkConnect file does not contain the name of the inteface.


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