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Posted: by jake
Product: Mac OS X
Downloads: 1130


jamf runScript -script enableFileVault.scpt -path /


This script will enable the File Vault feature in Mac OS X 10.4 or later. It should only be run while a user is logged onto a system (i.e. as part of a Casper Suite login policy that is assigned a frequency of once per user.) When the script is run, it will direct the user to the FileVault preference pane located within the System Preferences application. At that point, the user will be prompted to finish the process of enabling FileVault. NOTE: Before enabling FileVault, it is a good idea to generate a FileVault Master Keychain as described in the Mac OS X Security Confguration Manual which can be downloaded from: Performing the steps desribed in the above manual will ensure that access can be regranted to a user who have forgotten his or her password.


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