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Posted: by clrlmiller
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Use this as a post flight script to copy the VMware Horizon client .app from the Vendor's own .DMG file. This will also look for and remove the older name copies of the application and the current name of the application.

You can create a Composer package which dumps the vendor's .DMG file into "/private/var/tmp/" as a simple payload. Modify the postflight to look for the name of the vendor .DMG file you're using (as noted in the script)


I've run into troubles with the VMware Horizon client refusing to install correctly when doing a regular package via Casper's Composer. I came up with this postflight package script to just copy off the Application from the original Vendor's .DMG file into /Applications. I also included lines to look for and remove previous versions and copies using the most current, and older, names as well. Using the vendor's own .DMG and this postflight resolved a lot of issues we'd been seeing when using a regular composer package. Now the Composer package just drops the vendor .DMG into /private/var/tmp/. The postflight takes care of the rest.


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