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Posted: by scott.mielke
Product: Mac OS X
Downloads: 3674


[script]sudo <mountPoint> <computerName> <currentUsername> <timeZone>[/script]

If the $timeZone parameter is specified (parameter 4), this is the time sone that will be set.

If no parameter is specified for parameter 4, the hardcoded value in the script will be used.


The system time zone will be set according to the value specified in the paramter $timeZone. It can be used with a hardcoded value in the script, or read in as a parameter. Since the Casper Suite defines the first three parameters as (1) Mount Point, (2) Computer Name and (3) username, we are using the forth parameter ($4) as the passable parameter. If no parameter is passed, then the hardcoded value will be used.


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