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Posted: by jake
Product: Deep Freeze
Downloads: 213


sudo <mountPoint> <computerName> <currentUsername> <dfUsername> <dfPassword>


This script thaws a partition that has been frozen by DeepFreeze. By default, the script will accept the target drive that is passed by default when running a script via the Casper Suite. If you desire to thaw an alternative partition, one can be specified. If specifying the target partition manually, the format to be used should be the name of the drive. Example: A drive that is mounted at /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD Should be speficied as follows: targetPartition="Macintosh HD" This script is best used in a scenario where you are imaging a machine with Casper Imaging and you would like to ensure that when booting into an imaged partition for the first time that the partition is in a "frozen" state. This script should be run in an "After" priority when being run as part of the imaging process. If you would like to freeze a partition to which the target machine is currently booted, please see


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