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Posted: by athomson
Product: Mac OS X
Downloads: 475


This script was designed to run from the JSS against all OS X servers running NetBoot service. It requires the targeted servers to have the latest version of "Casper" installed in the /Applications folder, which can be combined in a single policy with the script. Each NIB is then interrogated and Casper Imaging is updated where appropriate.

1. Latest Casper installed under /Applications for each NetBoot server.
2. must be installed.
3. NetBoot service's status must be "RUNNING".
4. Images must be read\write (default).


We have more than 45 NetBoot servers (nationally and internationally) and I needed a way to update each of the NetBoot images installed on them with the latest version of Casper Imaging. This script allowed me to do this in less than a minute.


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