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Posted: by scott.mielke
Product: Mac OS X
Downloads: 609



1 of the 3 exact text strings below associated with the Gatekeeper features must be used as the variable input value:

"App Store" "App Store and identified developers" "Anywhere"

Input the value by:

  • copying it into the parameter 4 field when using the script as the payload in a Jamf Pro policy
  • passing it as argument 4 of the command to run the script (see SYNOPSIS above for syntax)
  • hard-coding the value into the script below

    If hard-coding the "gatekeeper" variable copy & paste the string between the double quotes
    following the = sign, e.g., gatekeeper="App Store"


The Gatekeeper settings are located on the General tab of the Security & Privacy System Preferences Preference Pane. Use this script to set the radio buttons as desired.


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