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Posted: by therealmacjeezy
Product: Centrify Suite
Downloads: 362


This script can be used to join the domain using the Centrify Suite.


This script will allow you to join computers to Active Directory if you are using the Centrify Suite. The reason for this script was due to the built in Directory Binding Configurations that the JSS uses for Centrify were hit or miss on actually binding the computer to AD. This script will take the input you enter in the Parameters and use them to bind the computer using adjoin. >> Parameters << 4 - Domain Admin Username 5 - Domain Admin Password 6 - Encode Password (See Below - Yes = Encode, Leave Blank for No) 7 - Centrify Zone (Leave Blank for Auto Zone) 8 - Domain Being Joined Encoding Password Notes: If you don't want to have your actual password to be used in plain text, you can enter "Yes" for Parameter 6. When encoding your password you will have to do the following steps: 1. In terminal enter 'echo "passwordhere" | base64' 2. Copy the output and paste it into Parameter 5 NOTE: If your password has special characters in it, be sure to comment them out when getting the base64 output (Example:'echo "p\@\$\$w0rd\!23" | base64')


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