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Posted: by brandon.wenger
Product: Jamf Pro
Downloads: 1148


sudo <mountPoint> <computerName> <currentUsername> <message> <background>
If the <message> parameter is specified (parameter 4), this is the message that will be
displayed to the end users.

If the <background> parameter is specified (parameter 5), the
message will be displayed and the end user will not need to click "OK" to allow the proces to
continue. Setting the <background> parameter to and of the following values will determine whether or not the message will be backgrounded:


Parameter 1, 2, and 3 will not be used in this script, but since they are passed by
The Caspeer Suite, we will start using parameters at parameter 4.
If no parameter is specified for either parameter 4 or 5, the hardcoded value in the script
will be used. If values are hardcoded in the script for the parameters, then they will override
any parameters that are passed by The Casper Suite.


This script will display a message to the end user with a specified message. The message can be backgrounded so that a message is displayed and a process such as a policy is delayed until a user clicks the "OK" button. By default, the process will not be backgrounded and subsequent scripts or commands that run after this script will be delayed until a user clicks "OK".


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