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Posted: by therealmacjeezy
Product: macOS Sierra
Downloads: 574


Use this script to install Apple Software Updates on enrolled computers.

Version 2: Feb 2018

Script Parameters
- Parameter 4 - Update Name (Required)
- Parameter 5 - Update Name (Optional)
- Parameter 6 - Update Name (Optional)
- Parameter 7 - Update Name (Optional)


This is an update to the original Apple Software Update Search that was uploaded July 2017. It has been rewritten to allow for multiple improvements and new features. Version 2.0 Update (Feb 2018) - Added support for multiple updates to used in the script parameters (current limit is 4, version 1.0 only supported one item at a time) - Rewrote the way updates are handled. Now any update that is found gets added to an array then is downloaded to the default location (/Library/Updates/). Once the update is finished downloading, it gets added to another array which is then used to install each update after they all have been downloaded. - Added a section that will check to see if the update requires a restart. If it's required, it will set the "restartRequired" variable to yes. Once all updates have been downloaded and installed, a if statement checks the restart variable and will trigger a policy setup for an delayed authenticated reboot. **NOTE: A policy will have to be created with a matching trigger in order for this feature to work.** This section currently only looks for the "security" label. - Added a manual inventory update before the restartRequired check to ensure any installed updates are succesfully reflected in the Jamf Pro Server. (This was written in to work around an issue where inventory updates would fail if the update name exceeded a certain amount of characters.)


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