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Name: Lisa Davies

Joined: Nov 09, 2011

Mac backdoor - malware bytes post  

Discussion created 1/18/17 at 2:07 PM

Converting AD Mobile Accounts to Local  

Discussion created 12/17/16 at 12:32 PM

Use stronger hash algorithm than md5  

Feature Request created 12/16/16 at 2:07 PM

Mobile and Local Accounts  

Discussion created 11/30/16 at 10:27 AM

Akamai as a Cloud DP  

Discussion created 11/30/16 at 10:12 AM

T-Shirts at JNUC that fit girls!  

Feature Request created 11/21/16 at 11:24 AM


Discussion created 9/22/16 at 11:18 AM

Thursday Night Hockey Minnesota Wild v Toronto Maple Leafs  

JNUC Mini Event created 9/15/16 at 9:05 AM

2FA on OTA enrollment  

Discussion created 4/15/16 at 12:04 PM