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I'm a systems engineer in Dallas, Texas. I've been using the Mac for about 30 years, starting with the Mac Plus and Mac SE. In addition to working with Jamf Pro, I also work with a lot of great products from Kerio.

Name: Howie Isaacks

Joined: Jan 05, 2015

Company: Think Fixed


Log out of iCloud on all managed iOS devices  

Discussion created 4/20/17 at 8:38 AM

New iMac won't boot from external USB drive  

Discussion answered 10/20/16 at 12:36 AM

When and where?  

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Prevent booting into Windows via Bootcamp  

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Make Casper Remote easier to navigate  

Feature Request created 2/28/16 at 6:50 PM

Cannot get Dock items to work  

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