What to say about myself...here are some of my beliefs:
- The User is not always right
- My priority should not be to enable User ignorance, or propagate it
- My Users should not determine the pace of my work. If something is important; I will know it is important.
- I usually have already done what support wants me to do. I don't like repeating myself
- You should not be afraid of a Shell
- You should strive to learn good Bash
- You should strive to have a strong understanding of File Descriptors, Substitution, and Redirection. And Pipes!
- You should learn AWK
- You should learn SED
- You should learn find
- You should learn grep
- You should learn Common Lisp (or Scheme, or Racket)
- You should learn Emacs #Vanilla #EVIL #Spacemacs
- Then you should learn Org Mode
- If on macOS, you should use MacPorts and the latest Bash. All your Users, too!
- You should do Linux experiments on a regular basis
- macOS is something I have grown to dislike. macOS cli is not enough and abhorrent. On macOS SysAdmins are second class citizens #StaleDocumentation
- GUIs usually get in the way. Tiling window managers are where it's at.

More to come.