What to say about myself...here are some of my beliefs:

  • To promote User competence and propagate it-- help Users so that they get their work done and grow as technology users.
  • Always have an answer-- especially if it is I don't know.
  • You should not be afraid of a Shell
  • You should strive to learn good Bash
  • You should strive to have a strong understanding of File Descriptors, Substitution, and Redirection. And Pipes!
  • You should learn AWK
  • You should learn SED
  • You should learn find
  • You should learn grep
  • You should learn Common Lisp (or Scheme, or Racket)
  • You should learn Emacs #Vanilla #EVIL #Spacemacs
  • Then you should learn Org Mode
  • If on macOS, you should use MacPorts and the latest Bash, as well as setting default utils to GNU. This will give more options toward solution.
  • You should do Linux, proto typing, and new tooling experiments on a regular basis.
  • GUIs usually get in the way. Tiling window managers and a Terminal window are where it's at.
  • Markdown is awesome!

More to come.