Chris Cashman is a self-taught entrepreneur, technologist, and creative mind whose ambition, work ethic, and integrity have earned him the reputation as a thought leader. He attributes these key qualities to his challenging upbringing. While the roadblocks seemed insurmountable at the time, they ended up becoming his greatest learning experiences and stepping stones to lasting success.

Throughout the course of a decade, Chris has ran numerous businesses of his own, starting with his first company at the age of 16 that he established in order to support his loved ones during a difficult time. His multiple ventures span across the technology and creative fields within an array of different industries. From renowned celebrities, all the way to C-level executives and industry experts, the clientele he works with is not only high-profile, but diverse. Out of his numerous achievements, his two most notable accomplishments to date include creating the concepts of album artwork that have wound up being on Billboard’s Top 100 and receiving recognition as a top technology expert from Compass, WeWork, and even Apple.

Chris Cashman is a multidisciplinary businessman who is on the cutting-edge when it comes to creating positive change. Both relentlessly passionate and determined, his ultimate vision is to help people pave their way to success.