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Name: Christopher M.J. Tangora

Joined: Jun 03, 2012

Company: MIT Lincoln Lab

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Inventory Status on Client  

Discussion created 1/21/16 at 11:44 AM

Smart Group e-Mail to Specific Admins/Users  

Feature Request created 1/14/15 at 9:39 AM

Casper Imaging Error e-Mail shows more info  

Feature Request created 10/15/14 at 8:58 AM

Detecting Run Away Policies  

Discussion created 10/2/14 at 1:52 PM

JAMF Nation Discussions Sub-Groups  

Feature Request created 9/22/14 at 9:29 AM

OT: McAfee shows "already updating"  

Discussion created 9/12/14 at 10:04 AM

Mount Hidden Network Home  

Discussion created 8/18/14 at 3:15 PM

Proxy Script/Toggle  

Discussion answered 7/2/14 at 6:38 PM

FileVault 2 Troubles + Inventory Not Updating  

Discussion answered 6/18/14 at 1:45 PM

Extension Attribute for Checking AD vs. Local User  

Discussion answered 6/9/14 at 1:55 PM