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Name: Larry Staley

Joined: Jul 16, 2012

Company: Harris Stanley Consulting Inc.

Adobe Packager Automation Command Line  

Discussion created 8/2/17 at 10:56 AM

Import MYSQL 5.6 to New MYSQL 5.7 DB  

Discussion created 4/29/17 at 6:44 PM

Package a .plist  

Discussion answered 4/24/17 at 1:03 PM

Reduce the sudo timeout period  

Discussion answered 2/27/17 at 9:10 AM

Configuration Profile Scope?  

Discussion answered 2/24/17 at 10:13 PM

default browser  

Discussion created 10/17/16 at 3:16 PM

Region Codes for DVDs and NON-ADMIN accounts  

Discussion answered 10/11/16 at 6:18 AM

Using Bonjour in SMB Environment  

Discussion answered 9/26/16 at 5:11 PM

Need bash script help  

Discussion answered 3/25/16 at 5:47 PM