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In a long term relationship with the Mac. She (the Mac) has taken care of me too. My job is to help love OS X wherever they are, even in a network full of strange Windows things.

Name: William McGrath

Joined: May 30, 2013

Company: The University of Auckland, New Zealand

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Policy retrieval via JSS - exclude Casper Remote policies  

Feature Request created 6/29/16 at 5:15 PM

Enable SSH during first boot screen  

Feature Request created 2/9/16 at 5:55 PM

Enable a flag on packages that may require 'ByHost' cleanup  

Feature Request created 6/23/15 at 8:25 PM

Report currently connected Wi-Fi when checking in  

Feature Request created 4/19/15 at 7:46 PM

Software Update Servers custom URL  

Feature Request created 1/14/15 at 4:49 PM

Creative Cloud Packager   has been updated to version

Version updated 10/23/14 at 4:04 PM

API : Populate the groups in scope of a given policy  

Feature Request created 10/3/14 at 4:38 AM

API - Search for software updates  

Feature Request created 7/20/14 at 9:13 PM

Allow 'caching' of Software Updates  

Feature Request created 6/17/14 at 9:12 PM