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Support Systems - Analytics Specialist

Job Description

The Support Systems – Analytics Specialist works in the Customer Experience department and is primarily responsible for the administration of our customer success platform and for fulfilling the reporting and dashboard needs of the department. The Analytics Specialist will spend most of their time ensuring the accuracy of our data and building reports that give us a narrative snapshot of the key department metrics. They will work under the direction of the Support Systems Manager.


  • Maintenance and administration of our Customer Success Platform to ensure we get valid information to our Jamf team and customers
  • Build reports and dashboards via systems the department uses to help uncover answers team members are looking for or helping to get a better understanding of the data we have
  • Help monitor and improve our data capturing capabilities with any current or future tools to ensure we are getting the best data possible for our reports and dashboards
  • Follow guidelines of the change control process set by the Support Systems or other teams that they are working with
  • Help department teams/member complete tasks required from our customer success platform and ensure they are able to access the information needed

- Performs all job responsibilities in alignment with the core values, mission and purpose of the organization.
- Adheres to the highest moral, ethical and legal standards to deliver an environment that promotes respect, innovation and creativity
- Supports and promote a positive, inclusive workplace one in which the talents and strengths of our increasingly diverse workforce are welcomed, further developed and manifested in our work.


  • Experience with Salesforce (Preferred)
  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics (Preferred)
  • Experience with Gainsight (Preferred)
  • Experience with data analysis and visual, chart-based reporting (Required)
  • At least six months of previous experience working in a help-desk style environment (Required)


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