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Like all of you, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation globally. With school closures, increasing numbers of companies asking employees to work from home, and the heightened need to have a proactive plan for business continuty, we know this is a difficult time. Our mission of helping our customers succeed with Apple is uninterrupted. We are fully prepared to handle a large remote workforce, and have additional contingencies built into our operations to ensure that our customers are set up to handle the uncertainty of the future, including having online services staff available across the globe. Do you need help with supporting, onboarding and securely connecting remote employees to resources, or enabling distance learning for your students? We are here to help. Please contact your Jamf representative for more information.

What resources do you have available to me?

First - we have a number of new offers available to you, aimed to help you get through this trying time.

Second, we released the Jamf Online Training Catalog almost a year and a half ago. At JNUC last year, we made it available to all Jamf customers. Then with the switch to Jamf ID in early February, we made it even easier for customers to access technical training videos and content from their homes.

Need to know how to create and deploy a configuration profile for VPN so that employees can work from home? We’ve got it covered. What about packaging and deploying the latest version of WebEx via a policy so that meetings can continue with employees are at home? That’s also in there. Or what about making sure the Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps are on iPads so that students can complete their homework at home? You guessed it, that is also in the catalog.

When combined with the Jamf 100 Course, these two resources contain over 12 hours of content and 130 modules to help IT admins be successful today, tomorrow, or whenever - the best part is that it can all be done remotely.

We also offer remote training courses.

Will the support and service I get from Jamf be affected at this time?

No. Our mission of helping organizations succeed with Apple is uninterrupted. Thanks to our talented forward-looking IT team, we were able to fully transition all of our 1,200+ person global staff to work remotely within 24 hours of making the decision to do so. Our team is safe and available to you. In addition, we have contingencies built into our operations to ensure that customers receive Jamf’s products and support despite the uncertain future. This includes highly available cloud infrastructure across geographically distributed data centers and online services staff across the globe.

Are there plans to cancel or postpone JNUC?

JNUC is still going to be held on September 29 through October 1, 2020 - but we are shifting to a virtual format! For more information, visit