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App Deployment for macOS, iOS and tvOS simple and secure

Remotely distribute pre-configured apps to Mac, iPad and iPhone from the App Store or third-party vendor.

Test the Best-in-Class Apple Mobile App Management solution for your organization, whether you're an enterprise, small business or school.

Choose Jamf Pro for seamless distribution of the apps your employees need, creating a personal, purpose-built devices. Join more than 17,000 customers managing over 11 million Apple devices.

Purchasing and license management

Integrated with Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, license and deploy apps in bulk right from the App Store. Assign apps to users or devices (no Apple ID required) and re-assign licenses as needs change. Or, deploy apps from the B2B App Store to meet your organization’s unique needs.

App configuration

Native app management supported; no custom SDK or containerization required! Get right to preconfiguring settings and customizing app workflows to provide instant mobile productivity. For macOS, use Jamf Composer to build custom app and software packages.

App distribution

Distribute apps and content to Mac, iPad and iPhone from the App Store or third-party software vendors to an individual or group. This can be done silently, pushed on demand or published to your Jamf Pro enterprise app store.

App & OS upgrades

Get alerts when new updates for the most commonly patched third-party macOS software titles are available. Deploy OS updates efficiently and monitor the upgrade process through inventory. Set iOS apps to update automatically to maintain the most secure environment. Rest assured that Jamf will support new Apple OS versions as soon as they’re released.

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More than 17,000 organizations rely on Jamf.

Top 10 Technology Companies
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App Management gets you in front of security threats

Jamf Pro Self Service allows you to build your own custom app catalog with all of the resources, apps and configurations users may need. On-demand access is granted for users, all without them ever submitting a help ticket to IT. If a device is lost or stolen, you can safely lock, wipe and reset the device, ensuring corporate and personal data are never exposed.

With Jamf, you go beyond app management by ensuring your Apple devices are always running the latest software and not leaving the door open to malicious attacks.

Head in the cloud or feet on the ground? Deployment- any way you want it.

Jamf Pro is available in the cloud or on-premise for those who like to keep it old-school. Leave your Apple mobile device management (MDM) infrastructure to Jamf Pro for a hosted solution.