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1-to-1 iPad programs in higher education.

No longer too good to be true!

According to EDUCAUSE, two of the Top 10 IT issues for 2018 focused on how higher education institutions could improve student outcomes. First being student success, followed closely by creating a student-centered institution.

Improving student success has become so important that 74 percent of higher education institutions have begun to incorporate strategies in their overall IT strategy to achieve greater outcomes.

As higher education institutions continue to invest in supporting student success, as well as implementing more student-focused technologies, more universities are turning to 1-to-1 iPad programs to achieve their goals and initiatives.

Download our white paper to learn how 1-to-1 iPad programs can drive improved student outcomes through:

Student wellness

Find the balance of success and health.

student engagement

Whether in the lecture hall or on break, ensure students are active participants in their education.

Career readiness

Ensure students are equipped, prepared and confident to enter into the workforce.

Also, gain helpful insight on how to start, manage and thrive with your own 1-to-1 iPad program.

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