Jamf Account

We are excited to bring Jamf Account to you with improved user experience and workflows, keeping your day-to-day efficiency to manage your account with Jamf in mind. Jamf Account is a new portal where our partners and customers can easily find the features related to their individual accounts with Jamf. The features included in Jamf Account are:

  • My Assets (re-named to Products in Jamf Account)
  • Support
  • Training Course Enrollment
  • Jamf ID Profile

These features will no longer be available in Jamf Nation after they move to Jamf Account. Our Beta participants found Jamf Account very user-friendly and were able to:

  • Manage their individual account needs
  • See what services they have
  • Find other services they may be able to utilize
  • Interact with support
  • Download Jamf products
  • Locate additional useful resources


Let's review Jamf Account in a little more depth

Account Summary

Account Summary is the landing page (homepage) of Jamf Account. This is the page you are directed to when logging in directly to Jamf Account. This page provides easy access to all Jamf products, support portal and access to other resources including Jamf Nation, knowledge base, Marketplace, and product documentation.


What used to be called “My Assets” in Jamf Nation has been renamed to “Products” in Jamf Account. This section will show which products you are subscribed to and the products that could be subscribed to with an easy path to trial. Additionally, there will be an option to see details and log in to individual product or product instances of your subscribed product.


Profile is where you update your account information. You can upload your avatar, update your name, password, email address or other account-related preferences including language, and time zone. Most of the information here is directly related to managing your Jamf ID.


All support needs (support cases, chat and support contact phone numbers) can be found under one place called ‘Support’. You can open a new support case and manage all your support cases here.


Training shows what training courses Jamf provides and the ability to purchase seats in courses. The ability to purchase a Training Pass and view usage of a Training Pass can also be found here.

How can you access Jamf Account?

Jamf Nation and jamf.com include links to Jamf Account.
You can also access Jamf Account directly at https://account.jamf.com.