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Jamf Pro, Apple TV Management.

The end of manual configuration: zero-touch setup for Apple TV.

From the conference room to the classroom, deliver the ultimate display experience.

With Jamf Pro’s Apple TV Management solution, cut hours off your Apple TV deployment.

Leveraging zero-touch setup and support for Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, mass Apple TV rollout is a breeze. Simply open the Apple TV, plug it in and go!

By concentrating on Apple, Jamf provides an industry-leading unified endpoint platform that helps you empower your users with iPad, Mac, iPhone and Apple TV.

A better Apple TV experience for all.

Jamf Pro features for Apple TV.

Zero-touch Deployment

By far the easiest and most efficient way to deploy Apple TV is with Jamf Pro and Apple’s deployment programs — Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager. Automatically enroll and configure new devices without requiring hands-on support from IT. Go from new-in-box to ready-to-use without time-consuming imaging or manual configuration.

Configuration Profiles

Define settings with iOS configuration profiles and distribute them to devices utilizing Jamf Pro. Easily apply Wi-Fi, passcode and AirPlay permissions over the air or place Apple TV devices in Single App Mode and Conference Room Mode to customize the Apple TV experience in any location.

AirPlay Management

The days of being called into a high-pressure meeting in progress to troubleshoot display issues are over. Mass associate and configure iOS devices with Apple TV devices so users can seamlessly connect to the resources they need.

Wipe and Restart

Hospitals, hospitality and other industries mass deploying Apple TV can ensure personal data is wiped from a device after each stay, or remotely reboot an Apple TV anywhere, anytime.

Smart Targeting

Jamf Pro collects inventory details – including Apple TV device name – from all managed devices, making it easy to identify which ones require updates. You can build groups based on inventory criteria and then trigger device management tasks automatically to specific Apple TV devices or groups.

Enterprise App Support

With the release of tvOS 12, organizations can deploy apps directly from the App Store. Additionally, create and deploy custom in-house apps over the air to deliver a completely customized experience.

See how we can help you manage your Apple TV devices and more.