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Apple Mobile Device Management in Healthcare.

Deliver high-quality care through seamless clinical communications and increase satisfaction by transforming the patient bedside experience with Jamf - the leading mobile device management solution in healthcare.

Managing bedside technology has never been so easy.

Configure, deploy, wipe, repeat!

Zero-Touch Deployment

Jamf integrates with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program so you can automatically enroll and configure new iPad devices or setup Apple TVs remotely. Get hundreds of devices configured, managed and deployed in minutes.

Healthcare Listener

Are you worried about how you are going to wipe and enroll the devices in between the discharge of one patient and the admittance of another? No problem. Jamf Pro has a unique Healthcare Listener built into its workflow. Listening for an HL7 command, Jamf Pro automatically triggers a remote action to digitally sterilize a patient bedside device after patient discharge. No room visit from IT required!

Remote Management

Ongoing management of all your devices is a breeze with configuration profiles, policies and smart targeting. With the ability to automate these tasks remotely, you stay current, in compliance and secure… always.

Healthcare Compliance

Jamf Pro allows you to set security policies and monitor the health of your environment. Generate reports to demonstrate compliance with security standards (such as HIPAA) — an ability that helps mitigate regulatory compliance risks while streamlining audits.

Seamless Clinical Communications.

Enhance the ability to deliver efficient, high-quality care through the secure iOS platform and Jamf Pro. With a wealth of healthcare and communication apps for iOS, Jamf Pro goes beyond patient bedside to help you wirelessly deploy pre-configured apps with the appropriate settings and security standards necessary in healthcare today.

Take Jamf Pro for a free test drive and tell us what you think.​