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The new vision of modern device management

Windows 10 is forcing organizations to consider a cloud-first and mobile device management (MDM) strategy with the advent of Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune. This has caused organizations to rethink their existing tools and overall management approach.

Designed with the cloud in mind, Intune is Microsoft’s modern, best-of-breed tool to manage Windows and Android devices. However, with the growth of Apple in the enterprise, simply supporting Windows devices is not enough for today’s organizations.

What about Apple?

Modern management requires purpose-built tools and the ability to co-manage or integrate with other major enterprise platforms. Microsoft entered a strategic partnership with Jamf to extend the ability for Intune to manage and secure the increasing number of Apple devices entering the workforce due to employee-choice programs.

What about Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 includes Windows 10, Intune, Azure Active Directory and Office 365. But, it’s not only Windows users who require access to Office 365. As such, Microsoft has made it easy to use these tools on Apple devices. Intune administrators have become accustomed to leveraging conditional access to ensure only secure Windows PCs are accessing Office 365 and other corporate data.

Conditional access for Mac has arrived.

With the Jamf and Microsoft partnership, Apple administrators can now leverage conditional access as well, ensuring only trusted users on trusted devices using trusted apps access Office 365 and other corporate data via Azure Active Directory. If a device or user falls out of compliance, a remediation path is made available to get the device and/or user back in compliance.

Think Mac and Windows happily co-existing is too good to be true? Fill out the form to read our New Vision of Modern Device Management paper and see how this revolutionary integration works.

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