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Jamf, the leading mobile device management (MDM) solution for Apple.

Try the best-in-class dedicated Apple device management solution. Designed to automate Apple device management. Let your end users get more out of their Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices.

Jamf’s Apple MDM software puts the user at the center.

Join more than 16,000 customers managing over 11 million Apple devices.

Test the best-in-class Apple mobile device management solution for your organization, whether you're an enterprise, small business or school.

Be known for better Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV interactions. MDM, as simple as it ought to be. Only Jamf gives you the tools to deliver the same user-friendly, self-empowered Apple experience that your users expect.

Jamf provides all you need for your Apple device management:


Secure your Apple devices by leveraging native security features. Manage device settings and configurations, restrict malicious software, and patch all of your Apple devices without user interaction.

App Management

Purchase apps in bulk and make them available automatically or through a Self Service catalog. Give users the ability to install apps, update software and maintain their own device.


Provision the perfect Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV for your users. Choose a zero-touch, hands-free experience or go hands-on through imaging. Either way, enroll devices and deploy them with ease.

Device Management

Ongoing management is the bread and butter of IT’s daily activities. Go beyond configuration profiles and use policies and scripts to customize devices for the optimal user experience.

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App Management

Centrally deploy apps over the air and reassign licenses as your needs change.

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Configure settings like Wi-Fi, VPN, email and other services on your devices quickly and consistently.

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Automatically collect hardware, software and security configuration details from your Mac devices.

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Secure your sensitive data, enforce passcodes and remotely wipe/lock devices.

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Native Mac Management

Immediate support for macOS releases, allowing you to leverage Apple deployment programs and security tools to enjoy a complete ecosystem of Mac management capabilities.

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Advanced Mac Management

Leverage the Jamf Agent for unlimited flexibility and control, and the ability to automate Apple and third-party software updates.

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Seamlessly pair with Microsoft Intune or Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to combine Windows and Mac inventory data into a single pane of glass.

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Patch Management

Automatically combat security vulnerabilities and ensure your users always get the latest software.

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Self Service

Empower employees with your own app store and let them install apps, update software and maintain their own device without a help desk ticket.

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More than 16,000 organizations rely on Jamf.

Top 10 Technology Companies
Top 25 Fortune 500 Companies
Plus Schools around the globe
Top 25 Most valuable brands
Top 10 Global Marketing Groups

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