Hassle-free account management.

Account logins and passwords are forever in sync.

Eliminate password-related help desk requests.

And deliver one harmonious end-user experience.

Having multiple logins and passwords across Mac can detract from a user’s experience and productivity. Jamf Connect eliminates this hassle by leveraging a single identity to unlock everything a user needs to get the job done. Ensure your users’ cloud-identity passwords are synchronized down to the local-account level on the Mac, even when the password is changed.

Once a user signs on with a single set of credentials, Jamf Connect will:

  • Synchronize passwords between the cloud-identity provider and the local Mac account.
  • Make it easy to report on which cloud-identity accounts are being used on each machine.

Simplify your job and dramatically reduce password-related IT help desk tickets.

Get connected and stay connected with Jamf Connect.